Latest Technology in the Plumbing Industry

Energy Conservation and efficiency is a concern among almost everyone aware about global warming. With the polar ice caps melting at a consistent rate, we must focus on a sustainable energy source to fuel the rapidly growing economy. It is time we as a species develop new technology to save our environment and planet as a whole. In our latest post, we aim to show you the latest technology in the milwaukee plumbing fields and how it serves to benefit the needs of consumers.


Tankless Water Heaters

These types of heaters directly warm up the water directly without the use of a storage tank. Devices use pipes  and gas warming technology or an electric warmer instead of more common practices. A constant supply of hot water can then be delivered to your house, making a more and more popular option. Gas fired pumps produce more output than their electric counterparts. This is why they are overall a much better option.  Separate water heaters may be installed for specific appliances including but not limited to: showers, washing machines, or sinks.

water heat

Pros And Cons

(+) 24-34% more energy efficient than conventional storage tanks

(+) When installing an on demand heater near each outlet, it is possible to save up to  50% more energy than conventional appliances.

(-) Tankless alternatives are often more expensive up front

Self- Cleaning Toilets

Acticlean choices are the most prominent ones are truated in midst of their competitors. Models will clean and remove stains with the simple click of a button. The cleaning process lasts only one minute and are a far better substitute for manual cleaning. The most recent technology includes a lifetime  waukesha warranty, insuring your product’s reliability through the roughest of times. Don’t worry your always covered if ware and tare gets the best of your automatic cleaner. Another amazing feature is the ability for it to completely scrub the rim area where dirt and buildup hide.

self cleaning toilet

Handheld Showers

The difficulties of getting to hard to reach body parts becomes apparent early in the morning, when you are lethargic and tired.  Choosing a handheld shower will help to save you time and money. The prices of products are falling rapidly as the supply consistently rises. When purchasing a home, buy this type to make your life easier.

Free-Standing Bathtubs

Placing a bathtub wherever you please gives you the freedom to express yourself.  An oversized alternative to a walk-in shower will make you glad you decided on this comeback

Latest Trends in 2018

The above choices complete our list of the newest technology in the plumbing industry. Never worry about your next project. Simply visit the National Plumbering Association for information about getting in contact with local contractors.